You've  written, edited, and possibly even published your text. Now is the time to create an audiobook of your work! Thanks to it is fairly easy to get your book on Audible and iTunes.

Are Are you looking for a narrator for your book? I am Sarah Baethge and I can be contacted here  to work out the details and begin recording your book.

Do you have a recording of your own voice or the voice of someone who needs to be the narrator for your book? Noesis Books is happy to edit your files (provided every word of your text is recorded) into an audiobook acceptable for Audible and iTunes. Just contact me here

Do you know who needs to narrate your book, but don't own the recording? I can help try and contact the person. Their payment, if any must be worked out between them and you; I am happy to try getting them in touch with you and edit the recording if you hire me to prepare the files for your audiobook. We can begin to work the details of this out here.


I'm Sarah Baethge

I enjoy recording and editing the sound files for audiobooks.

If you want help preparing the audiobook version of your book, you've come to the right place!

Here are some books I've already recorded on Audible:

If You Believe in Love at First Sight by Sarah Baethge

Right Now by Sarah Baethge

And I Was Hungry by Sarah Baethge


      Tell me about your book

and how I can help you with the audiobook version

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